Event Recap

Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center

Jun 6, 2024

Chicago, IL

As a part of its High School Nation tour, the Chicagoland Cruiser made a special stop at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center to mark the students’ last day of school!

To add an extra dose of excitement to their final day, students were pleasantly surprised when the Cruiser rolled up to their campus, offering free samples of Dunkin’ Refreshers and Dunkin’ gift cards!  

During the end of year celebration, students indulged in refreshing samples of Strawberry Dragonfruit and Mango Pineapple Green Tea Refreshers, providing a cool and energizing boost as they bid farewell to another school year. It was the perfect way to toast to summer break and all their hardwork thoughout the year!

Von Steuben runs on Dunkin’. Go Panthers!

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